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Wakame 50g

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The Wakame Algae is rich in calcium and vitamins. It has quickly imposed itself in the preparation of dishes in the kitchen.

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Organic Wakame - 50 g

Wakame or Undaria Pinnatifida, is a large brown algae. Wakame is an algae native to Asia rich in proteins (15 to 22%), calcium and vitamins, appreciated for its qualities as a flavour enhancer thanks to the presence of natural glutamate. Introduced and cultivated in Brittany since the mid-1990s, Wakame quickly established itself in the kitchen.


A food seaweed that is easy to cook

Marketed under the name Wakame, this exotic-flavoured seaweed is one of the most popular food algae. Used raw or cooked, it will allow you to prepare papillotes for cooking fish and white meat. It can be used in the preparation of cold recipes such as soups (gazpachos), salads but also hot dishes (broths, pies, quiches, pies, lasagna, gratins, soups...).


A cook's trick. Add a few pieces of Wakame to the cooking water to speed up the cooking of dried vegetables (beans, beans, lentils, moguls...).

Seaweed in small dry dehydrated leaves
Before using the Wakame, rehydrate the seaweed for 5 minutes in cold water.
Our Wakame can be stored in their bag, or in a sealed box, away from light and humidity.

Composition: Dehydrated seaweed wakame (Undaria Pinnatifida)


Net weight 50g

Prix au Kg : 139.8 €/kg

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Organic Wakame - 50 g

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