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Ocean salad - 1 Kg in 50g bag

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Sea parsley selected by the Comptoir des Algues. Mixture of 3 dehydrated seaweed Dulse, Sea Lettuce and Nori, harvested in Brittany. Allows the production of seaweed tartar.

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Salad Oceane

Dulse, Sea lettuce, Nori

The Fisherman's Salad is composed of these three seaweeds harvested in Brittany around Roscoff. Dehydrated at low temperature to preserve their nutritional qualities, this fisherman's blend is extremely easy to use in cooking.

As a condiment, to season your salads, pies, vinaigrettes, sauces, soups or sprinkle the flakes with seaweed to decorate a dish, and decorate at the end of cooking a hot preparation: omelettes, sauces...


The Fisherman's Salad is also a base for preparing your fish broth and will pleasantly flavour the cooking of rice and pasta and marine mussels.


The Fisherman's Salad, the basis for preparing seaweed tartar


This seaweed cocktail is also used as the basis for the preparation of Seaweed Tartar, a fresh and iodized recipe for a marine aperitif! Another tip for the aperitif is to mix a few flakes of fisherman's salad with avocado guacamole.



Algae flakes can be rehydrated or incorporated directly into the preparation.


Storage: Keep the algae in their bag, or in an airtight box, away from light and moisture, to ensure long storage.

Composition: 100% algae
Prix au Kg : 90 €/kg

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Salad Oceane

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