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Sea Spaghetti Thalado - 5x50 g

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Sea spaghetti is used as a food seaweed to accompany white meat or fish for example. They are harvested in Brittany.

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Sea Spaghetti - Set of 5

The Sea Spaghetti is a vegetable seaweed, rich in fiberseasy to cook, specific to Brittany. You can cook it like pasta, about ten minutes in boiling water. Nothing prevents you from frying it afterwards with some onions or tomatoes.


You want more ideas?

  • Fish, potatoes and sea spaghetti.
  • Blanquette of veal, rice and sea spaghetti.
  • A tomato sauce with seaweed.
  • A salad of rice, tomatoes and pieces of spaghetti from the sea.
  • And on a pizza, replace the anchovies by sea spaghetti.


Aperitif tip:

Sauté pieces of spaghetti in boiling olive oil for a few seconds.

Surprise your guests with original chips for the aperitif.



INGREDIENTS: 100% seaweed

Selected and harvested on the North Finistère coast.

Sold in 50 gr resealable bags.


Prix au Kg : 119.6 €/kg

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Sea Spaghetti - Set of 5

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