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Royal Breton Kombu 50g

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Kombu Royal is a type of premium kombu seaweed that is prized for its rich umami flavor and high nutrient content. It is often used in Japanese cuisine to add depth and complexity to dishes such as broths, stews, and salads. Kombu Royal is typically harvested from the pristine waters of Hokkaido, Japan, and is known for its thick, dark green color and hearty texture. It is considered a delicacy in Japanese culinary culture and is highly sought after for its unique taste and health benefits.

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Organic Royal Breton Kombu

Royal Breton Kombu is perfect for replacing the aluminum foil you use to prepare fish or white meat papillotes. This seaweed can also be used to wrap the ingredients of a skewer (scallops, gambas, etc.).


Particularities :

  • Rich in fiber and iodine
  • Speeds up the cooking of pulses and cereals.
  • Harvested and selected on the North-Finistere coast.

Rehydration : 5 minutes in cold water.

Use : Cooked

Conservation : In their bag, or in a box, protected from light and humidity.


INGREDIENTS: 100% dehydrated seaweed


50 gr resealable bag.


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Organic Royal Breton Kombu

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