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» » Warming wrap with Laminaria seaweed and Spirulina Thalado - 4 kg

Warming wrap with Laminaria seaweed and Spirulina Thalado - 4 kg

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Seaweed marine mud ideal for monitoring thalassotherapy treatments. It releases tension and rehydrates the skin in depth. The marine active ingredients penetrate the epidermis thanks to its heating action.

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Self-heating seaweed wrap



The Heating Body Packs are extremely rich blend sof micronized seaweed to create un ctuous and generous pastes. The temperature increases progressively during the treatment to create a fine mousse rich in active ingredients. The heating action allows to relieve body aches.


A firming & remineralizing body wrap for thalassotherapy

Theactive marine mud is a fine powder thatiseasily mixed with water toobtaina heating and gentle foaming texture. Ideal for thalassotherapy and bodytreatments, this mud combines micronized Spirulina, Lithothamnium & Lessonia algae, known for their detoxification & remineralization properties. These a weed micronization process combined with the heating effect allow there leasing ofactives & enhance their penetration into the skin.


Combination of three seaweed for an effective body treatment

This body pack is a combination of Spirulina, Lithothamnium & Lessonia. Spirulina is a natural source of amino acids that are necessary to restore the firming tissues and vitamins A & E and acts as a skin toner. Lessonia provides its organic richness necessary for the elimination oft he wastes. Lithothamnium provides its minerals and marine salts, and promotes the break down and elimination of fat. According to numerous scientific works, these natural material have shown the possibility of ionic exchange through the skin and that these ingredients have great detoxifying & remineralizing properties.


Directions for use:

250g for a full body treatment.

Mix 250g of powder with 250ml of warm water(20° Cmax)until you get a homogeneous paste. Apply quickly the paste us1ing a spatula to the areas of the body that need treatment, then cover with a plastic film to preserve the heating effect. Duration:15to30minutes.


Main active ingredients:

Spirulina powder

Lithothamnium powder

Lessonia powder

Magnesium & Phosphate salts



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Self-heating seaweed wrap

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