» Seaweed

They accompany you as an aperitif, on a picnic and sometimes even for breakfast!


Choose gastronomy and greediness. Dehydrated in leaves and flakes, or prepared (preserves, jams, energy pucks ...), seaweed enhance your meals from appetizer to dessert.


All our seaweeds are gluten-free and harvested according to the best practices guide. They bring you a real cure of trace elements, minerals and new flavors for your taste buds.


Organic Food Seaweed


We offer a wide selection of organic dried seaweed, gluten free, harvested according to the guide of good practices. Used in your recipes, they will bring you a real cure of trace elements and minerals. If you add dried seaweed to your dishes, your taste buds will thank you!


- Royal Breton Kombu
- Spaghetti of the Sea
- Wakame - Dulse
- Fisherman's Salad
- Dulse

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