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Thé Avis de Tempête - 45 g

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Tea Storm Notice 45 g

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Tea Storm Notice 45 g

Storm Notice Tea

45 gr bag 

Avis de Tempête tea, invigorating and invigorating, is ideal in the morning. You will appreciate the perfect balance between the flavours of organic black tea and organic green tea, the natural aroma of orange and seaweed. The infusion lasts 2'30'' but can be prolonged without giving a tannic character to the tea.

Ingredients: organic black tea, organic green tea, organic orange peels, organic cinnamon, organic buckwheat, seaweed, natural orange flavour.

Preparation tips:
Everyone has their own tea making habits, but here are some general points that may be useful to you.
There are usually 2 grams per cup, or about one teaspoon.
We let infuse between 2' and 2' 30'', but some prefer a longer infusion to have a stronger tea...


97.77 € / kilo

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Tea Storm Notice 45 g

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