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Thalasso Base Thalado - 10x60 g

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Enjoy the benefits of a swim in the sea with this powder rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements, ideal for recharging your body.

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Thalasso Base - Set of 2

The benefits of a seawater bath in a few moments at home

These elements recharge your body and provide you with an immediate feeling of relaxation while moisturizing the skin.
With a low sodium chloride content, Thalasso Base does not dry out the skin.


The Thalasso Base box set is 100% natural


The ocean in your bathtub

Thalasso Base concentrates the benefits of a seawater bath. Obtained by nebulization, it is a dry extract of sea water, very rich in trace elements, mineral salts and marine active ingredients. 
These elements can be quickly assimilated by transcutaneous means.


Relaxation and Remineralization

Seawater extract has undeniable protective properties for irritated and sensitive skin.
Thanks to its potassium content, for example, the skin's water loss is significantly reduced.


Active ingredients

Marine elements (vitamins, minerals and trace elements including magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium...) which are totally assimilable by the body.


Tips for use Dissolve a sachet of Thalasso Base in your bathtub (water at 37-38°C). The duration of the bath is 20 minutes. It is advisable not to rinse after the bath and to observe a rest period equal to the duration of the bath for an optimal mineral recharge.

Can be used in balneotherapy


Thalasso base box is packaged in packs of 2*5 bags of 60 gr 


Ingredients : MARIS SAL (sea water)


Net weight: 600g

132.5 € / kilo

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Thalasso Base - Set of 2

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