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Organo-mineral fertilizer NPK 4.2.7 and Boron, Copper, Molybdenum, Zinc based on seaweed extracts
Fertilizer NFU 42-001 - Product usable in Organic Agriculture in application of the RCE n°834/2007

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ALGOZOT 4.2.7 is a fertilizer rich in seaweed extract (mannitol - Protein - Betaines - Fucanes - Polyphenols), blue algae (spirulina) and enriched in trace elements whose effectiveness is based on several simultaneous actions, nutrition and fortification.

It promotes photosynthesis and helps to resist biotic and abiotic stress. It contributes to the formation of nitrogen forms plus elaborated from nitrites and thus to the elaboration of protein forms.

It improves the growth of the plant during periods unfavorable to the development of the root system (cold soils, drought, ...).
Provides the major elements N, P, K essential for cell division and expansion.
Activates certain enzymes, delays the senescence of the leaves and increases the rate of dry matter as well as the transfer of sugars into the fruit.


10L cans; 220L drums; 1000L containers


- Shake well before use.
- Do not store below 5°C. Product may form crystals at low temperatures.
- Fertilizer containing trace elements - Use only when needed, do not exceed the prescribed dosage.
- In hot weather, apply preferably in the morning or evening.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with water and consult a specialist.
- Our products can be mixed with many phytosanitary specialties, but in any case it is necessary to do the "test tube test". Our responsibility is expressly limited to the quality guarantee of the product in its original packaging.




4% total Nitrogen (N), of which 3% organic nitrogen
2% total Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5)
7% Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water
Dry matter: 15%.
Ph : 7 to 9
Density : ≈1.20
Indicative contents:
Trace elements
0.026% Boron (B)
0.058% of Copper (Cu) 0.0054% of Molybdenum (Mo) 0.051% of Zinc (Zn)
Organic matter: Algae and algae extracts; suspension preparation based on peptides, polypeptides of plant origin


- In the sprayer, put a first volume of water (50litres minimum) in order to dilute the product correctly.
- 3 to 4 liters/ha and per application, in 100L of water minimum
- To be repeated in 2 to 3 passages
- Do not use during frost period

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