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Algae-based fertilizers
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Organo-mineral fertilizer NK 2,5 - 5 based on plant extracts and algae

Fertilizer NFU 42-001 - Product usable in Organic Agriculture in application of the RCE n°834/2007 - CUSTOMS CODE : 31010000 Formulation certified by the GERMAN Organic Agriculture Research Institute (FiBL) 


ALGOZORE is a complete liquid foliar fertilizer. Very rich in natural extracts of brown algae of different natures harvested by us and chosen for their high agronomic quality: Laminaria, Ascophyllum and Fucus. 

The seaweed extracts provide specific natural substances : 

  • oligo-saccharides such as laminarins and fucans with biostimulant and eliciting properties on germination and root development.
  • Glycine betaines with a "cytokinin like" effect, growth substances that reinforce the plants' resistance to diseases and bad weather conditions (cold, humidity, drought)
  • hexols and various surfactants that have a wetting or complexing power that considerably increase the beneficial and preventive effects of trace elements.

The presence of marine algae in this formula allows to activate the main physiological functions of the plants: 

  • Activation of natural defenses
  • Stimulation of photosynthesis
  • Improvement of the resistance to hydric and thermal stress
  • Development of the root system
  • Improvement of the assimilation of trace elements
  • Increase of the protein rate of the seeds
  • Delay of cell senescence 



2,5 % of total Nitrogen (N) of vegetable origin, of which 2 % organic

5 % of Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water

Indicative contents : Secondary elements 0,03 % CaO 0,25 % Cl 0,38 % Na2O 2,42 % SO3 0,30 % MgO 

Trace elements 

21 ppm Iodine (I)

1 ppm Boron (B)

77 ppm Cobalt (Co)

140 ppm Copper (Cu)

1407 ppm Iron (Fe)

28 ppm Manganese (Mn) 0.01 ppm Molybdenum (Mo) 127 ppm Zinc (Zn) pastedGraphic_3.png

Organic matter of algal origin: 

Alginic acid (0.22%), Mannitol (0.29%), Laminarin (0.03%), Fucoidin (0.11%). Presence of betaines and betaines-like (cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins): 0.1%. 





Organic fertilizers, even liquid ones, need to be applied early on the crops. In hot and sunny weather, apply preferably in the morning or at the end of the day. Apply this fertilizer on plants that do not present a risk of wilting. 


AGOZORE is used as a spray in sufficient water volume to ensure good coverage, generally 0.3 to 2%. Shake the product well before use. 




    - 10 to 20 L / ha in 1 or 2 applications at the beginning of the vegetation

    - 10 to 20 L / ha in 1 or 2 applications from fruit set to veraison



    - 5 to 10 L / ha at the beginning of the vegetation

    - 10 L / ha at pink or white bud stage and until flowering

    - 10 L / ha from fruit set to veraison



- 10 to 15 L / ha in 3 or 4 applications

- 300 to 500 ml / hl of water in 2 to 3 drip applications at a maximum 

maximum concentration of 9 g of solution to be diluted per liter of water, including with acid solutions. It is imperative to do all compatibility tests before use. 


    - 5 L / ha at R1 stage (beginning of flowering)

    - 5 L / ha possibly at R3 stage (1st pods of 5 mm)



    - 5 L / ha at the beginning of flowering

    - 5 L / ha at the first formed nets (2 cm)

    - 5 L / ha 15 days later if necessary (for pod enlargement)




    - Fertilizer containing trace elements, to be used only in case of recognized need, do not exceed the prescribed doses.

    - Shake well before use.

    - Do not store below 5°C. Product may form crystals at low temperatures.

Product may crystallize at low temperatures.


    - Keep out of reach of children.

    - In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with water and consult a specialist.

    - Our products can be mixed with many plant protection products, but in any case it is necessary to do the "test tube test". Our responsibility is expressly limited to the guarantee of quality of the product in its original packaging.




10 L cans on 600 kg pallet (600 l) 80*120 1000 L containers 

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