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Seaweed extract
Product usable in Organic Agriculture: Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 of the Commission of September 5, 2008 in application of EC Regulation No. 834/2007
For fertilization

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ALGOZORE 5050 is an extract obtained after a succession of natural aqueous cold macerations of the thallus (Ascophyllum and Laminaria) and slow filtrations. The seaweeds used are harvested on the north Finisterian coast and selected for their recognized fertilizing and biostimulating virtues.


The seaweed extracts bring specific natural substances :


  • oligo-saccharides such as laminarins and fucans with biostimulant and eliciting properties on germination and root development
  • glycine betaines with a "cytokinin like" effect, growth substances that which reinforce the resistance of plants to diseases and bad weather conditions (cold, humidity, drought)
  • hexols and various surfactants with wetting or complexing properties that considerably enhance the beneficial and preventive effects of trace elements
  • natural richness in Iodine

These substances activate the main physiological functions of plants:

  • Activation of natural defenses
  • Stimulation of photosynthesis
  • Improvement of the resistance to hydric and thermal stress
  • Development of the root system
  • Improvement of the assimilation of trace elements
  • Increase of the protein rate of the seeds
  • Delay of cell senescence


In the sprayer, put a first volume of water (50litres minimum) in order to dilute the product correctly.
1 to 3 liters/ha and by application, in 200L of water minimum



1.18% nitrogen (N), of which 1% organic

2.15% potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water


Appearance : Brown liquid extract


Indicative contents :


Secondary elements

0.2% Ca

0.3% Ci

0.15% Mg

0.3% Na

0.6% S


Trace elements

3 ppm boron (B)

62 ppm copper (Cu)

695 ppm iron (Fe)

112 ppm iodine (I)

30 ppm manganese (Mn)

0.03 ppm molybdenum (Mo)

5 ppm zinc (Zn)


Vitamins : B, C, K, PP




1000 liter containers

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