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What the hell am I gonna do with that bag of seaweed? Is it easy to cook seaweed? Salty? Sweet? Hot? Cold? Can it be combined with meat?

Cooking with seaweed
Accustomed to cooking with seaweed or a little worried about the result, an accomplished cook or a budding marmiton, we offer you recipe ideas that integrate seaweed into their preparation. Simple condiment or vegetable, decorative element or participant in the cooking technique, the algae used in cooking are numerous. They have in common excellent taste and nutritional qualities, a great richness in vitamins and trace elements, in fibre or in vegetable proteins. 

Breton seaweed
To treat yourself, you can buy these Breton algae at the Comptoir des Algues where they are selected, harvested and packaged by us on the coasts of North Finistère. For those who are lucky enough to pick them up during a walk at low tide, they offer you new flavours to explore. None of them are toxic, good to know! So get started!