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Sea bath with Guérande salt and lavender
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Sea Salt Bath with Lavender - 800 g

Enjoy a relaxing bath, rich in mineral salts and trace elements, with Guérande salt (NATURE ET PROGRES label), seaweed, and essential oils.

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Sea bath seaweed sea salt of Guérande - 200 gr
For the pleasure of a relaxing, soothing bath, rich in minerals and trace elements, Passion Marine combines the virtues of Guérande salt and seaweed. It will bring you well-being, relaxation, pleasure, while reconstituting in the bath water the benefits of the ocean. The quality and origin of the ingredients guarantee a 100% natural bath. Guérande salt is an untreated, unrefined sea salt obtained by the natural evaporation of sea water, our seaweed is harvested off the coast of Brittany dried, not ionized.
Tips for use : A bath once or twice a week. Pour about 100 g. Pour the seaweed bath in the bathtub during the filling. Bath temperature: 37 to 38°C. Duration: 10 to 15 minutes without rinsing. It is recommended to observe a resting time at least equal to that of the bath. Suitable for bubble bath. To keep dry, to close again well after opening. Do not swallow.
Price per Kg : 26.5 EUR


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Sea bath seaweed sea salt of Guérande - 200 gr

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