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spice mix with Breton seaweed
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Sea Spices, 3 Seaweed Mix - 35 g

This blend of flavors can easily be added to all your preparations for a touch of color and originality.

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Sea Spices, 3 Seaweed Mix - Bord à Bord

Sea Spices Three Flavours, Sea Lettuce, Dulse and Nori
Sea spices is an assortment of seaweed harvested in Brittany on the coasts of Finistère. This condiment is very easy to use, blending the three flavours and three colours of Sea Lettuce, Dulse and Nori.

Once harvested, these food algae are washed in seawater and dehydrated at low temperature (35 to 40° C.) in order to preserve their aromas, flavours and nutritional properties. The algae are then crushed and sieved.


Seaweed from Brittany to enhance your cooking recipes
To facilitate their use in cooking, the Three-Spices Mix is packaged in a sprinkler. It is blend is used like Provençal herbs, sprinkling the seaweed directly on your preparation. It will spice up a sauce, a vinaigrette, a soup, an omelette...

The three-flavour blend is also suitable for flavouring marinades.


A simple recipe idea to realize:

Fish marinade
Preparation: 3mn - Cooking: 3mn

For a fish fillet: one level tablespoon of the 3 Flavours Mix,

4 tablespoons olive oil, the juice of half a lemon and two pinches of sea salt.


Arrange the fillets in a soup plate. Salt and sprinkle the sea spices on each fillet,

Pour in the olive oil and lemon juice. Mix and impregnate both sides of the nets with it.

Let it marinate in the fridge for an hour before lightly cooking or grilling your fish fillets in a frying pan.  Use the juice from the marinade to deglaze.  You can add cream (e. g. soya) and spices of your choice to this sauce base.



35 gr sprinkler

DLUO: 18 months Organic certification: FR-BIO-01

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Sea Spices, 3 Seaweed Mix - Bord à Bord

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