» » Pestos, tartars and seaweed rillettes
Pestos, tartars and seaweed rillettes

Discover our selection of Breton seaweed tartars and rillettes seasoned with seaweed and local Breton products such as shallots, for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds. Enjoyed as an aperitif or as an appetizer, these little wonders will make everyone agree!


- Sea Aperitif Box - Abalone Rillettes with Pulse, Ginger and Combava - Sea Bass Rillettes with Sea Lettuce, with lemon and bergamot - Scallop Rillettes with Nori and Penja Pepper - Seaweed Tartar Mexico - Seaweed Tartar New Delhi - Seaweed Tartar Tokyo - Seaweed Tartar with Lemon Confit - Seaweed Tartar Mémé Ginette - Seaweed Tartar Mémé Odette - Seaweed Tartar Mémé Henriette - Tartinable des Archipels Sept-Îles - Tartinable des Archipels Molène - Tartinable des Archipels Glénan - Seaweed Tartar with Capers and Gherkins - Seaweed Tartar with Shallots and Lemon - Mackerel Flakes with Royal Kombu and Yuzu - Tuna Flakes with Wakame - Tuna Rillettes with Wakame - Mackerel Rillettes with Seaweeds - Tuna Rillettes with Tarragon


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