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Sardines with sea lettuce
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Sardines with sea lettuce

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Sardines with sea lettuce

Sardines with sea lettuce, gingerbread, tomato confit and Dulse and red onion chutney

Ingredients. For 4 to 6 verrines :


3 slices of gingerbread . 1 can of sardines in oil . A tray of cherry tomatoes . Herbs of Provence . Dulse and red onion chutney . 5 g of sea lettuce . 10 cl of semi-dry white wine.

Cut two slices of gingerbread per glass using the glasses to obtain the same diameter, then soak them in the semi-dry white wine.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place them in a gratin dish. Sprinkle with herbes
herbs, a little sugar and salt, then sprinkle with olive oil and bake for about
15 minutes.

Mix the sardines and sea lettuce with a fork.

Place a slice of gingerbread at the bottom of the verrines, followed by the sardines. Add a layer of orange Wakame chutney and another slice of gingerbread.

Fry some gingerbread cubes in a pan. Finally, add a layer of candied tomatoes and the gingerbread cubes.

A whole cherry tomato covered with fresh cream will decorate the whole.

Keep in a cool place.

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Sardines with sea lettuce

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