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Verrine Roscovite
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Roscovite Verrine

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Verrine Roscovite, aperitif recipe combining Roscoff's vegetable resources and its marine resources: seaweed and shellfish

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Roscovite Verrine


Roscovite Verrine


shellfish, seaweed, pink onions


Crab and shrimp verrines with kombu and dulse chutney and red onions

Ingredients. Serves 4 :

2 ripe avocados . 1 small can of peeled shrimp .

1 small can of crab crumbs . Salt and pepper . 1 small piece of royal kombu . 1 jar of red onion and dulse chutney.

Cut the avocados in half, keep one half for decoration, rubbing it with lemon to prevent it from turning black.

Rehydrate the royal kombu for 30 seconds in a bowl of cool water and then drain it.

In a blender, mix the avocados, crab bits, shrimp (keep eight for decoration), kombu and lemon juice.

Place thin slices of avocado with the skin on in your glasses after brushing them with lemon juice. Garnish the bottom with crab crumbs, then with the dulse-onion chutney and finally with your avocado mixture using a pocket or a small spoon.

On top, place a quarter slice of lemon, the shrimp and sprinkle with seaweed flakes.


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Roscovite Verrine

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