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Review of Jasmine T on Regenerating Mask with Spirulina Alga Natura - 100 g

natural hydrating and regenerating face mask Regenerating Mask with Spirulina Alga Natura - 100 g

This mask is a combination of micronized algae (kelp and spirulina), horsetail and kaolin. Mixed with water, it forms a creamy paste rich in marine active ingredients. Applied, it brings a sensation of softness on the skin thanks to the presence of natural clay. It brings in a few minutes and naturally brightness and softness to your skin.


Spirulina is a natural source of amino acids that are necessary to restore the firming tissues and vitamins A & E and acts as a skin toner. Laminaria provides organic iodine, marine salts and mannitol, having remineralizing and moisturizing properties. Horsetail contains organic silicium which helps the renewing of firming tissue. The mask provides as well a soothing effect due to natural clays.


Tips for use : In a small bowl, pour the equivalent of two tablespoons of powder. Gradually add cold water (25°C max.) while stirring until you obtain a homogeneous paste (stir preferably with a wooden spatula). Apply the mask to the face. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes, then rinse off with a sponge or clear water. Finish with one of our face creams (moisturizing, regenerating or marine cream). 


100 gr of powder is equivalent to about 12 masks.


150 € / kilo


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- Review added the Monday 18 May 2020by Jasmine T

This mask is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. Love the fact that you blend it yourself. What can I say? My skin is perfectly moisturized afterwards. A great product.