Review of Jasmine T on Powder Mask wtih seaweed THALADO - 100 gr

Powder Mask wtih Spirulina Powder Mask wtih seaweed THALADO - 100 gr

The Powder Masks are innovative powders offering more easiness & rapidity. The powder is mixed with water to

create unctuous textures. These masks capture the natural power of plants, fruits or seaweeds to give the skin a

new radiance.


A firming facial mask for thalassotherapy

The Seaweeds Powder Mask is a blend of micronized seaweeds & kaolin, that has to be mixed with water to form a soft paste rich in marine actives. It contains micronized Spirulina, Laminaria & Horsetail. Specially formulated to firm and regenerate mature skins, it is ideal for a thalassotherapy treatment. Its fresh marine scent and its green colour reflect the wealth of micronized seaweeds used to make this product. The skin is protected against skin ageing and revitalized.


Combination of seaweed & horsetail for an effective firming effect

This mask is a combination of Spirulina, Laminaria & Horsetail. Spirulina is a natural source of amino acids that are necessary to restore the firming tissues and vitamins A & E and acts as a skin toner. Laminaria provides organic iodine, marine salts and mannitol, having remineralizing and moisturizing properties. Horsetail contains organic silicium which helps the renewing of firming tissue. The mask provides as well a soothing effect due to natural clays.


Directions for use

30g for the face / 100g for the face and bust. Mix 30 g of the powder with 30ml of water until getting a smooth paste. Apply it with a spatula directly on the skin For the bust, wrap the customer in a plastic sheet. Remove the mask with a sponge. Duration: 10 minutes.

30g pour le visage / 100g pour le visage et le buste. Mélanger 30 g de poudre avec 30ml d’eau jusqu’à l’obtention d’une pâte.


Main ingredients

Spirulina powder

Laminaria powder

Horsetail powder




Pot of 100 gr

149 € / kilo

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stars_5 - Review added the Monday 18 May 2020by Jasmine T

This mask is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. Love the fact that you blend it yourself. What can I say? My skin is perfectly moisturized afterwards. A great product.
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