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Organic seaweed court-bouillon - 60 g


Mixture of seaweed, vegetables and spices, to prepare delicious short short broths and flavor soups or cooking water of starchy pasta, rice in a vegetarian diet.

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Organic seaweed court-bouillon

The Court-bouillon with seaweed on board

This subtle blend of seaweed, vegetables and spices will allow you to prepare delicious short broths and flavour soups or pasta and rice cooking water.

This short broth is composed of 25% of selected food seaweed harvested on the coasts of Finistère.


Three seaweeds were chosen for this fragrant blend, combining three colours and three flavours: Sea Lettuce, Dulse and Nori. Once washed in seawater and dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve their aromas and nutritional properties, these algae are crushed and sieved.

Associated with these algae are vegetables from organic farming: onion, carrot, tomato, celery, leek and garlic. Dehydrated and chopped, these vegetables bring all their flavours to your culinary preparations.

Essential ingredients for a court-bouillon, spices, specially chosen to combine with the flavour of seaweed: lemon rind, black pepper, dill, coriander, oregano, cloves.


Ingredients: sea lettuce, dulse, nori, onion, carrot, tomato, celery, leek and garlic, lemon rind, black pepper, dill, coriander, oregano, clove.
100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin are from organic farming.

Ecocert certified FR-BIO-01

Directions for use: 2 tablespoons per litre of water, to flavour your fish, shellfish or starchy dishes. You can also add a few pinches of Seaweed Shortbouillon to flavor a papillote.


Packaging: 60g sprinkler,


Storage conditions: Protect from light in a dry place.


Product guaranteed GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organisms), containing no major allergens, preservatives or colorants.

Net weight: 60 gr



A recipe idea: Fish with court-bouillon and seaweed
Preparation: 3mn - Cooking: 10 mn
For a fish fillet: a tablespoon of Court-bouillon with seaweed. Boil 50 cl of water with the seaweed broth. Reduce the heat to low and plunge the fish fillet into it for about ten minutes. Serve with rice or use fish to garnish a salad. Keep the cooking juice to make a soup or to cook your starches!

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Organic seaweed court-bouillon

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