Mélange Algue/Mélasse sol
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Mélange Algue/Mélasse sol

100% vegetable and algal material in an informed mixture.
Liquid organic amendment NF U 44 051

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- 2 liters (2,4 kg) : ref 298322
- 10 liters (12 kg) : ref 298310



Treatment of floors. All types of soil. All types of crops.



This soil product stimulates all the fauna and flora of the soil on the surface and in depth. The advantages of the activation of the biomass by this soil product are multiple:


before cultivation :
- rebalancing of the micro and macro aerobic/anaerobic life,
- structuring and aeration of the soil (improvement of the structure),
- flocculation of clays (suppression of wetness),
- deep rooting,
- soil sanitation and stimulation of humification processes,
- increased development of mycorrhizae, 
- development of pathogenic organisms strongly limited,
- rebalancing of the plants by releasing trace elements,
- water rising by capillary action in periods of drought, 
- strong decrease of soil erosion,
- Increase of microbial humin (Humus).


after cultivation: accelerates the aerobic composting of residues.




1 liter/ha minimum.
2 liters the first years on degraded soils (acidified, asphyxiated, intoxicated, blocked, poor in humus, ...).
Mix with 200 to 800 liters of water and apply by watering or spraying in open fields and woods (vineyard, orchard, ...), if possible in the evening before a rain.




Analysis of the mixture of vegetable matter - Informed according to the S.W.T. process.
NF U 44051 - Customs N° 1703.9000

M.S. : 45,70 % pH : 4,5-5 rH2 : 16
M.O. : 35,66 % C/N : 8,32 Density : 1,2
Total nitrogen (N) : 2.4
Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5): 0.82 

Water soluble potassium oxide (K2O): 2.98
Ca : 5.04 g Na : 2.66 g Zn : 9.6 mg
Mg : 2,51 g Fe : 410 mg Mn : 46 mg
S : 5,61 g Cu : 42 mg    
Contains: amino acids, betaines, oligo-saccharides, mannitol, proteins, fucans,
homofucans, polyphenols, vitamins B, C, K and PP.




In a dry place, on a pallet, if possible far from electromagnetic fields.
Keep the can closed.

The action of this soil product is reinforced if the water used for the mixture is filtered and vitalised.
Do not ingest. Wash and dry your hands after use.

Can be used in Organic Agriculture
In accordance with EC regulation n° 834/2007

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