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» » Lithothamne powder - jar of 1Kg Thalado
Lithothamne powder - jar of 1Kg Thalado
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Lithothamne powder - jar of 1Kg Thalado

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Lithothamnium is an algae rich in natural magnesium and red calciform color growing at great depths.

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Lithothamnion is a red calciform seaweed that grows at great depths.


Exceptionally rich in highly assimilable calcium and magnesium, it is the seaweed of relaxation. It relieves joint, bone and cramp pain. Finally, thanks to its anti-acid action, it helps reduce acid reflux and other heartburns and restore the acid-base balance.


It is recommended in cases of stress, muscular tension, difficulty recovering after exercise, bloating and difficult digestion.


Recommended use:

Start the treatment with 1 teaspoon a day in the morning the first week, 2 a day in the morning and at lunchtime the second week, then 3 a day in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening the third week. Not recommended in cases of renal insufficiency.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Lithothamnion powder 

1000g jar

Price per Kg : 29.9 e

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