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Pasta and condiments with seaweed

Pasta and Condiments with Seaweed


Want a change from traditional wheat pasta? Discover our selection of seaweed-based pastas that will give color to your dishes prepared on the go. The greediest will be able to add sauces and other seaweed-based condiments to their seaweed-based pasta.

- Seaweed Aperitif Wafers
- Sea Pesto
- Sea Beans
- Cultured Salicornia
- Spirulina Tagliatellines
- Tagliatelle with Dry Ink
- Typical Seaweed Mix Pasta
- Sea Lettuce Pasta - Dulse Pasta
- Sea Drops - Salt Flower with Seaweed
- Sea Aromatics with Seaweed
- Seaweed Court-Bouillon
- Yuzu Flavor Pearls
- White Balsamic Vinegar with Kombu


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