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Organic Seaweed Sea Lettuce
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Breton Sea Lettuce Flakes - 50 g


Sea Lettuce is a food seaweed also called "Sea Parsley". A few pinches in a salad or a sauce are enough to spice up a dish.

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Breton Sea Lettuce Flakes

Harvested and selected on the North-Finistere coast, the Sea Lettuce is also called "sea parsley" (Ulva sp). It is a very easy seaweed to use in cooking. Raw or cooked, a few pinches will be enough to embellish your salads, sauces, omelets etc...

Our Sea Lettuce is packaged in resealable bags to guarantee a perfect conservation of the product.


It can be used dehydrated, or rehydrated 15 to 30 seconds in cold water.


Use :

  • Raw or cooked.
  • As a condiment (raw vegetable salads, parsleyed tomatoes, aperitif sauces).
  • In your hot dishes (omelets, mussels with cream, soups, fish).

Particularities :

  • Rich in iron.
  • It allows to bind well your sauces.

Conservation : In their bag, or in a box, protected from light and humidity.



INGREDIENTS : 100% seaweed


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Breton Sea Lettuce Flakes

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