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Seaweed, renowned active ingredients in marine cosmetics

Science has been interested in the power of algae since the 1980s and the results of research into the benefits of macro-algae and micro-algae are surprising. These marine plants are extremely well known as active ingredients in marine cosmetics. It is important to know that sea water is similar to blood plasma, which gives it the power of cell regeneration. Researchers have discovered great analogies between algae and skin. Indeed, their biological structures are similar, which ensures an optimal diffusion of marine active ingredients in the body. The epidermis can assimilate the benefits of seaweed perfectly and easily. As you can see, marine cosmetics allow an excellent assimilation of the benefits by the skin, which greatly reduces the risk of allergies caused by conventional cosmetics.  


Seaweed is rich in mineral salts and trace elements. They participate in muscle relaxation, elimination of toxins, skin purification, re-mineralization of the body. Seaweeds also have slimming virtues, photo-protective properties, anti-bacterial properties and anti-viral properties. Using seaweed cosmetics is like giving yourself a mineral cure for your skin, taking advantage of all the marine active ingredients that seaweed offers you and finding all the benefits of a marine bath. Seaweed cosmetics provide unequalled protection for your skin against everyday aggressions such as stress, pollution and the sun. Seaweed retains vitamins, minerals and amino acids from sea water, acting as a filter. The concentration of active marine ingredients in algae is 100,000 times higher than in seawater.


Algae survive in the most extreme conditions, they adapt to everything: thermal stress (change of environment between water and air), UV rays, wind, salt, pressure, currents, oxidation, bacterial attacks and even impacts against rocks. To defend themselves from all these aggressions, algae have developed highly sophisticated resistance systems that can be reproduced in marine cosmetics to help the skin. Marine life is a great field of exploitation for science. Researchers are constantly finding new resources and developing new natural defense mechanisms for the human body. 


Algae produce secondary metabolites. These molecules have very interesting properties for the skin. Their moisturizing power comes from their acquired resistance to protect themselves and fight against dryness during tides. In marine cosmetics, these properties are used to meet specific needs: nourish the epidermis, protect the skin, soothe the skin or slow down skin aging.


Each variety of seaweed has its own benefits! Green algae have nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, are rich in magnesium and provide perfect protection against UV rays. Ulva lactuca, otherwise known as sea lettuce, is the green algae most commonly used in cosmetics for its moisturizing properties and its richness in magnesium. Red algae have moisturizing, demineralizing, anti-aging, slimming and draining properties. Chondrus crispus, also known as Irish moss, forms a natural protection on the skin thanks to its mucilage, a vegetable substance. Brown algae have moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties. Laminaria digita, fucus spiralis and himanthalia elongata, otherwise known as the sea bean, are widely used in seaweed cosmetics for their regenerating, emollient, re-mineralizing, moisturizing and protective properties.


All seaweeds are very good thickeners and fixers of mixture in marine cosmetics. Their use by laboratories specializing in seaweed-based cosmetics allows them to offer innovative and effective care. Thalado Le Comptoir des Algues, pioneers in seaweed cosmetics since 1985, offers a wide range of marine cosmetic products.


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