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The importance of good skin hydration

More than half of all women in France have dry or very dry skin. If this is your case, there are solutions to improve the water balance of the epidermis and maintain a protective skin barrier. You just need to adopt the right habits and use the right products to prevent your skin from becoming dry.


Provide your body with the right nutrients


Essential fatty acids, particularly omega 3 and 6, play a major role in the functioning of the epidermis. They are found in fish, shellfish, vegetable oils and food supplements. It is very important for your skin that your body assimilates enough of them. It is rare that we obtain the necessary level of essential fatty acids in our diet, which is why it is advisable to take food supplements to avoid deficiencies. We can never repeat it enough, you must drink a lot of water, at least one liter per day! You can drink infusions or tea to change the "natural" water.


Protect yourself from external aggressions


The sun is our friend, it brings vitamins to the body, affects our mood and has many other benefits. However, you must not forget to protect your skin from the sun. Putting on an effective sun cream is the best solution to keep your skin moisturized all year long. Don't forget to pay attention to the cold as well, especially the cold and dry air, wear gloves and cover your skin as much as possible during the winter.


Taking care of your skin


To take care of your skin while washing it, use a soft shower gel so as not to aggress the skin and prefer a warm shower. Hydration is linked to a good desquamation of the skin, to stimulate cell renewal. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week, the skin of the face and body. Do not rub your skin with the towel, but gently pat it and apply a body lotion on your skin while it is still slightly wet to keep its hydration. Wear cotton clothes preferably. Finally, avoid smoking as nicotine can cause dry skin and many other skin problems.


Use the right products


Too many people don't pay enough attention to the choice of their hygiene and care products or their diet. This is a mistake, using the right products is the key to solving problems. We have found the solution, seaweed products and seaweed cosmetics. The benefits of these exceptional marine plants are countless. 


We offer you a selection of seaweed products and fish, shellfish, etc., but also all types of seaweed food supplements, including omega 3 seaweed oil or omega 3 food supplements, powerful remedies against skin dryness. We offer you our teas and infusions with seaweed to moisturize you to the maximum. 


We provide you with a range of sun protection products adapted to preserve the hydration of your skin. To take care of your facial skin, use the Thalado exfoliating cream once a week to activate cell regeneration. Then use Thalado moisturizing cream if you have normal skin, or Thalado marine cream if you have dry skin. Avoid applying it to the eye area. The skin around the eyes is thinner and should be moisturized with Thalado Eye Serum to avoid dark circles. For dry to very dry skin, a Thalado moisturizing treatment is highly recommended. Thanks to the face serum, your skin will finally find its elasticity and softness. 


Our shower gel with Thalado seaweed is soft and respectful of the skin. Use our Thalado exfoliating fluid to regenerate your skin cells. Put all the chances on your side to have a soft and perfectly hydrated skin by using the Thalado moisturizing body milk or the Thalado softness oil after your shower.