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Agar Agar Bio origine France 50g
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Agar Agar Bio origine France 50g

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Agar-agar is a natural vegetable food gelling agent, extracted from wild red seaweed (Gelidium sesquipedale). Agar-agar is a colourless, odourless mucilage that can be used to texture salty or sweet dishes (aspic, terrine, dessert, cream, jelly ...). It advantageously replaces gelatin because it is 100% vegetable. It also allows the realization of gelled water and the gelling of any type of liquid.

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Agar Agar Bio origine France 50g

Natural vegetal organic agar-agar gelling agent. To bring the desired texture to all kinds of salty or sweet preparations! Sachets of 50g. Origin France.

Natali is a brand distributed by Nature et Aliments. The company formulates and packages to its brands all a range of powdered preparations: desserts, soups, culinary aids ... and this in a tool 100% organic!

The organic agar-agar is a natural vegetable gelling agent extracted from seaweed. It ideally replaces animal gelatin.

This gelling powder must always be diluted in a cold liquid and brought to boiling point. 

Agar-agar is very practical in cooking; it brings the desired texture to all kinds of salty or sweet preparations.

The product's plusses :

. Organic seaweed extract
. Origin France
. For sweet or savoury preparations

Features :

Ingredients: 100% organic agar-agar

Conditioning: bags of 50g

Origin : France

Tips for use :

Give the ideal consistency to your vegetable or fruit terrines and flans!

The agar-agar allows you to unmould perfectly your charlottes and mousses, to thicken jams and compotes too liquid, to make aspics of fruits and vegetables, jellied water ...

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Agar Agar Bio origine France 50g

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